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Educational Programs

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Doug Smith


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Doug Smith - Artist In Residence Program

Educational Programs

Some co-funding may be available to present these programs within the boundaries of the NEIU #19

Douglas Smith, Artist
Music/String Player, Discipline

Partner/Location, String player Northeastern Education Intermediate Unit 19

Doug has been a part of the Artist in Residence Program since 2003 and develops his programs for elementary schools to senior high schools.

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Doug Smith


Austin, Coleman & Doug Smith

Austin, Coleman & Doug Smith

"Bach to Rock"

Two extremely gifted, young, violinist brothers take you on a journey via their violins, performing classical, jazz, swing, rock, pop and ethnic music. These college student siblings are great role models for children of all ages. They are accompanied by their cousin PCA Roster Artist, Doug Smith on bass and Jim Waltich on piano. This educational performance will be an event remembered by all.

Targeted Grade Level: K-12

Dixieland All-Stars

The Multicultural History of America's Original Art Form

The musical contributions of immigrants to the United States from various countries are discussed. Dixieland and jazz are an amalgamation of the musical backgrounds of many diverse cultures. The make-up and functioning of a live six-piece Dixieland band will be explained.

Individual instruments will be demonstrated (usually trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bass, drums and banjo, guitar or piano). It will be shown that each member of the band must do his part to make the band function as a whole, similar to each member of a community doing his or her job to make society function for the good of all. The program is performance intensive and also encourages questions and discussions. Hopefully, this will foster support and participation in the Arts.


Targeted Grade Level: K-12


Dixieland All-Stars


Bob Dorough Quartet

Schoolhouse Rock & All That Jazz

Meet and Sing Along with the Creator of the Famous Schoolhouse Rock T.V. Series

Bob Dorough sings and plays his compositions such as "Conjunction Junction," "Three is a Magic Number, " "I"m Just a Bill," and " Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here," from ABC TV's animated educational series--Schoolhouse Rock.

His spirited jazz/rock quartet consisting of piano, bass, guitar and drums provides the live music. How Bob created these songs and how a jazz group functions will be explained. Participation and interaction are an integral part of this program.



Targeted Grade Level: K-6

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