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"Arts in Education (AIE) fosters participation in the creative process by developing and supporting quality arts education programs in Pennsylvania schools and communities. This program places high-caliber visual, performing, media and literary artists in educational settings for in-depth residencies that engage students and underscore the importance of the arts in education."

- Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

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Douglas Smith, Artist

Music/String Player, Discipline

Partner/Location, String player Northeastern Education Intermediate Unit 19

Doug has been a part of the Artist in Residence Program since 2003 and develops his programs for elementary schools to senior high schools.


He attended Penn State, Eastman School of Music, clinics with bassist David Holland and toured with Penn State Improvisatory Ensemble and The Jazz Spokesman. He has made a full-time living as a musician for over 30 years, playing concerts, jazz festivals, nightclubs, resorts and colleges; also performing on a number of jazz albums, CD's and videos. Doug's special field of interest is in totally improvised solo and group interactive music.

Doug has conducted many school programs with his Dixieland Band and with Bob Dorough, composer and performer of the "Schoolhouse Rock" television series; also a number of collaborations with performance artist John Bromberg. He is a member of the International Society of Bassists.

He believes that there is an important need to expose young children to live music and improvisation. With the influences of television, computers and video games, children are often denied the creative environment needed to cultivate free thinking, creativity, self-assurance and an appreciation for the arts. He will teach children in collaboration with their teachers the multicultural history of Dixieland Jazz, an original American art form. If funding allows, other musicians and his Dixieland Band can be brought in to perform and discuss their instruments. This can lead to a concert with student involvement in which parents and the public can be invited. Students will be exposed to improvisation and encouraged to use imagination and creativity.

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